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STOP GETTING I.T. WRONG is a comprehensive collection of musings, whinges and strategies about the successful use of digital technology in any classroom at any level.

If you have any interest in doing modern teaching properly then this is for you.

This book is a work born out of frustration, and an almost insatiable passion for sharing best practice with the wider learning community.

It collects the best practice of over seven years in teaching with Computers and Digital technology day-to-day by a genuinely passionate teacher.

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The Many Pitfalls of Digital Learning
Unfilter Your Internet Connection
Bring Your Own Device

David Morgan


David Morgan is a moderately internet-famous teacher who excels at pedagogy and everything digital. With seven years experience of teaching with digital technology day-in day-out he is uniquely placed to talk about the frustrations of teaching with technology in a world that doesn’t fully understand its potential.

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